Ian Simcox - Founder

Simcox Construction Founder Ian Simcox, with the help of Margaret, his wife and indispensable business partner, built this company up over more than three decades, performing civil works and construction around Marlborough. The company was shocked with Ian’s tragic loss in 2015, but will proudly carry his name long into the future of our province.

As a youngster, Ian Simcox spent hours behind the controls of his toy tip truck and loader, moving his mum’s soil around with a passion that would last a lifetime. In his business life, he gained a strong reputation for dealing fairly and honestly with people and guiding the company with optimism and a strong work ethic, always seeking the best deal he could get for his clients. He also had a strong sense of local community support, and ensured that many volunteer organisations and projects in the region were well supported.

Simcox Construction now continues with the same regular faces at the helm, keen to continue Ian’s legacy of hard and smart work and philanthropy into Marlborough’s future.




Ian Simcox Tribute