In Memory of Ian Simcox

To my dearest brother

We had so much fun as children, we did so much together, there's just to much to tell from eeling and hide and seek and the hunting later on, you didn't think I could keep up, but proved you wrong, I had to I was a stubborn sister as you knew so well.

You looked after my interests and made sure I was ok when I was on my own, for that I am grateful and I told you so, you had so much to live for, and it's really got to me, just when life was going sweet for you, the pressure not as bad, you were taken from us all, a hole left in our lives, a null and void.
I will never forget you Ian your calls from week to week, just to say hello and make sure I was alright, were my special treat, rest dear brother in that place where good guys go, but can't see it happening you are always on the go.
Loved and never forgotten will always be in my heart

Lois McMillan


My Memories of Ian Simcox

‘’Time may pass and fade away
But memories of you will always stay’’

‘’ A cluster of memories sprinkled with tears
Wishing God had spared you a few more years’’

‘’ Never Selfish, always loving and kind
These are memories you leave behind’’

Garth Mushet


We'll always remember that special smile,
that caring heart and that warm embrace,
you always gave us.

You being there for Mom and us
through good and bad times, no matter what.

We'll always remember you Dad because
they'll never be another one to replace you in our hearts,
and the love we will always have for you.

Michelle Simcox



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