The history of Simcox goes back to 1984 when Ian and Margaret Simcox established the original drain laying company. Following the success of a number of projects in and around the Marlborough region, in 1992 we began drainage work for the newly established Marlborough District Council- formerly the Marlborough Catchment Board.

As the region – and Simcox’s capabilities – grew, in the 90s we secured the initial Rivers Maintenance Contract when Marlborough District Council was established. We’ve held the contract ever since, even through multiple re-tenders. The relationship is a testament to the trust they place in our performance and the successful outcomes we’ve built over the years.

In 1997 we added residential and industrial subdivision, vineyard development and underground water and drainage infrastructure to our growing list of capabilities. But by 2005 our staff had grown so much that we needed to shift the workshop and depot to our current offices to 14 Taylors Pass, Blenheim.

In 2015 we lost our founder, Ian Simcox. Margaret took over the business alongside their daughter Michelle and a Board of Directors was formed to ensure our ongoing success. The restructure introduced current GM Antony Clark, and in 2018 the opportunity to align Simcox Construction with Isaac Construction introduced a new partnership under the Isaac Group.

The combination of our values, expertise, and workforce cements us as one of the largest and most capable civil construction groups in the South Island; with over 300 experienced staff throughout the Mainland completing projects to the highest standard.