We have the equipment others don’t, and it means we can provide you a more cost-efficient outcome. Paired with our staff who know what to look for and our project managers who are versed in working with councils and private clients alike; our specialist equipment lets us access, move and work quicker than other companies.

We work from land and sea to secure properties. But there’s no point in a nice finish without the working mechanics behind it. So, if you require retaining or reclaiming; when it comes to flood protection we’re able to quarry and cart anything from 300mm up to 12 tonne, construct groynes and stopbanks with locally sourced material, and secure everything with gabion baskets and the right amount of planting.

Our mobile plant means we can get to areas others can't. We're able to bring our machinery to your site, including quarry drills and blasting equipment to ensure cost efficiencies on your project.

Specialist capabilities:

  • Underground services
  • Drainage design and installation
  • Drainage and pumping systems
  • Stopbanks
  • Groynes
  • Gabion drop structures
  • Flood protection
  • River protection
  • Supply and placement of river protection rock
  • Foreshore wave protection
  • Large scale dewatering
  • Drop structures
  • Retaining walls
  • Demolition, including contaminated sites