Since 1995, Simcox Construction has consistently held the Rivers and Drainage Maintenance contract for Marlborough District Council. Through this enduring relationship, we've assembled a seasoned team with a deep understanding of our district's $200m floodway assets—knowing where they are, how they function, and the best ways to maintain and develop them.

Our responsibilities span a wide range:

  • Management of armour rock quarries and a cleanfill site.
  • Operating a substantial trucking fleet with specialised rock decks and a variety of large, specialised machinery.
  • Providing in-house mechanical and fabrication services for tasks like welding, gas cutting, and fabrication.
  • Carrying out technical roadworks, encompassing traffic management and resurfacing.
  • Offering IANZ QA testing, mobile quarry services, dewatering and overpumping systems, and much more.

We're uniquely positioned with a quarry on each side of the river, which allows us to reduce emissions by cutting down carting distances and to respond swiftly to flood events.

The contract covers maintenance on the Wairau floodplain, including the Wairau River, its diversion, and tributaries such as Opawa, Taylor, Pukaka, and Omaka. We also manage the Council's 160 km of drains and minor watercourses.

We take immense pride in our service to the local community, landowners, and Marlborough District Council. Beyond our contractual duties, our affiliation with the Isaac Conservation and Wildlife Trust stands as a testament to our broader commitment. By partnering with teams like the Te Whanau Hou Grovetown Lagoon restoration group, we're actively contributing to the betterment of our region.